Poker Math 2020: Pre-flop Principles

Learn How to Optimize your Pre-flop Strategy in Pot-Limit Omaha Games

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In my 10 years of consulting for professional poker players I have used my unique analytical approach to help clients from around the world to move up in stakes and win hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I have taken ambitious low stakes players to high stakes, helped high stakes crushers switch from heads-up to 6max or from NLHE to PLO.

I've taken top 6max high stakes players going through a downswing and helped them to beat the games again when the competition is tougher than ever.

And I boost their income in weeks when without my help it would take months or even years.

So what exactly is it that I do?

Here's the answer:
I rebuild their games from scratch, STARTING with their
Pre-flop Ranges

You can read these reviews to see how effective my methods are:

"Phil is a true professional and by far the greatest source of Omaha wisdom and knowledge I've ever stumbled upon. He has changed my poker world and has also made significant contributions to the rest of my life. I am forever grateful."

Jesper 'Nessilita' Nordkvist, High Stakes Professional

"Poker Math 2020: Pre-flop Principles is the best pre-flop content on the market. Phil will show you a different way to see PLO. He will change your intuition and you will realize that almost all the field make some serious pre-flop mistakes. "

Yuri 'theNERDguy' Dzivielevski, World Class MTTer transitioning to PLO

“I have worked with about 3-4 different coaches before Phil and I can tell you that I haven’t had such an analytical and precise coach before him, who would be willing to put that much effort into the coaching sessions and explain theory so well and so fluently. I can highly recommend Phil as a coach, because he improves your overall skill-set and teaches some things that I had never heard before.

David 'Danfiu' Mezei, High Stakes Professional

To get better at poker, most players take this approach:
Watch training videos where a fellow pro discusses hands and run a few Equity Simulations in spots that they found difficult.

Sound familiar?

But if you tried that strategy, then you probably experienced the
Five Stages of Poker Edutainment:

  1. HOPEFUL: This guy talks sense. Let’s try his approach.
  2. EXCITED: My new strategy is great. Time to crush these fools.
  3. DISAPPOINTED: That’s weird. I'm still running bad.
  4. PERSISTENT: I must’ve done something wrong. I'll try again.
  5. ANGRY: WTF…am I destined to be a rakeback pro? Really?

I’ve worked with players who experienced all five stages. It’s aggravating.

If you are struggling at the tables then you have to face reality:
The game is changing and it's leaving you behind.

Longer break-even stretches. Another year grinding out an income at the same stake. When things are going badly at the tables you find yourself lost in a sea of indecision.

What you need to break out of the rut is a fundamental framework that enables you to understand the structure of the game.

Poker Math 2020 is that framework.

There was a recent trend in Pot-Limit Omaha to reduce all pre-flop decisions to a 'standard' computer-generated solution.

Quick fixes are good for fly-by-night business but deep understanding can't be outsourced.

I know from first-hand experience making good players great and once great players great again.

Winning pre-flop play requires a deep understanding of the relationships between ranges and board-interactions. You can't just look that up in a hand chart.

Rather than just give you generic, cookie-cutter ranges Poker Math 2020 teaches you how to finely tune your pre-flop ranges to the current table conditions.

What's inside the course:

  • Why you must adapt how you value you a hand according to the situation.
  • How the 'Set of Possible Post-flop Outcomes' dictates the Payoffs associated with entering the pot pre-flop.
  • The factors you should use to evaluate a hands Intrinsic Value In-game. The limitations of Intrinsic Value.
  • What is the Contextual Value of a pre-flop hand and how do we assess it at the table?
  • What hands are dominated by a range with a High-card Focus?
  • How to stop struggling with Toxic Cards pre-flop. Use my heuristics to identify hands which keep bleeding money at the table
  • Connection Value: Does a top gap matter? What about two gaps? All these questions are answered comprehensively inside.
  • Proven heuristics for picking the best paired hands according to their side-cards in the right situations.
  • How the Effective Persistence of a board impacts the relative value of the flops that our hand might hit.
  • How to recognize the crucial categories of Dominated Hands when we face a 3-bet
  • Every player that I have ever worked with has leaked thousands of dollars from failing to accurately assess the value of paired hands. I'll show you the stark shift in value that occurs as we change the context that a paired hand is played in.
  • Exactly how much holding 3 or 4 cards of a suit changes our pre-flop decision.
  • And much more...

PRE-FLOP PRINCIPLES will teach you how to increase your win-rate by building better pre-flop ranges — with tests of your knowledge built into every stage of the course.

Your Instructor

Phil Rocquemore
Phil Rocquemore

Phil Rocquemore is the Cognitive Architect and Founder of the
Cardquant poker research centre.

Since 2012 I have trained high stakes professional poker players how to use context maps, decision plans, and game theory to understand and beat competitive poker games.

I hold a degree in Physics from the University of Oxford and I won a prestigious Thouron Scholarship for my Master's degree at the University of Pennsylvania.

How Is This Course Different?

Here's what the industry guys don't tell you. The classical poker video training model isn't focused on carefully crafted instruction, instead it's all about selling Edutainment.

This is a smart business move, because most poker players, even those who call themselves professionals, don't really want to learn...

Instead they want to watch an interesting story; they want to see one of their favorite players talk them through a few hands and concepts and then, at the end they get to feel as if they learned something.

If you're this far down the page then you at least aspire to be different. You actually want to improve your game and you want to really understand why what you are doing is working rather than just hunt for another cheap trick.

How is this course different? The decision processes that I teach are based on strong mathematical models, statistical simulations and cold, hard empirical data.

I invest months perfecting my coaching processes — to make learning how to build dynamic ranges as fast and effective as possible.

Every week that you wait before signing up is going to cost you money at the tables.

But if you decide to enroll today, you’ll have access to an entirely new framework for building better pre-flop ranges.

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Almost ready to dive in? Check out what these top, high-stakes cash game pros have to say about this course and my coaching...

Here's what my students say...

"I have been a successful regular in the High Stakes PLO/NLHE games for over half a decade and have been in touch with quite a few talented poker players over the years. I can honestly say that Phil is one of the brightest poker minds I have come across.

In my opinion it is clearly the best PLO material around."

n0d1ceb4by, High Stakes Pro

"I’ve worked with at least 5 poker coaches in my career and Phil is by far the most professional coach I’ve had. You are clearly getting your money’s worth learning from him.”

Michael Song, High Stakes Pro

“Phil has been consistently releasing the best written PLO content on the internet over the past couple of years. I always encourage my personal clients to religiously follow his advice and consume his material.

I have personally purchased, and benefited greatly from his coaching lessons, and in my opinion he has a top-notch understanding of PLO theory, and can teach you how to stay competitive in today’s tough PLO games.”

John Beauprez, WSOP Bracelet winner and founder of PLO Quickpro

"The best and most complete information on pre flop theory on the market.”

Ryan Theriault, London

"An absolutely essential preflop course designed to clean up common PLO leaks as well as construct fundamentally strong ranges from all positions. The series is structured flawlessly and I believe anyone who watches it, even at stakes such as PLO 100, would easily see a hefty return on the investment.”

Dan Dipasquale, High Stakes Live PLO Pro

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To Summarize...

Poker Math 2020 - Pre-flop Principles

Pre-flop Principles

7+ Hours of Training Videos. A carefully structured, educational course in essential pre-flop PLO theory, built by an experienced researcher and strategist with an elite mathematical background.

If you’re familiar with my content, then you know I’m very concise — and I eliminate all fluff. All 7 hours are crammed with actionable takeaways that you can implement immediately.

You'll get access to all five parts:

  • Part 1: Pre-flop Mathematics and Positional Dynamics
  • Part 2: The Intrinsic Value of a Starting Hand
  • Part 3: The Contextual Value of a Starting Hand
  • Part 4: Constructing Pre-flop Ranges
  • Part 5: Pre-flop Case Studies

3 PDF Statistical Summaries I create these to help you study the fundamental structural features of PLO away from the table.

Lifetime Access to Content. You’ll be granted access for the rest of your life. Even in the year 2020 — even if the course is £20,000 — you’ll still have access to everything.

Free Access to Future Updates. Likewise, you’ll receive future material for free. Even if the course exceeds 50 hours, you’ll still gain access to new material for free.


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